I moved to Livermore 6+ years ago and feel very pleased with our decision. My husband and I got involved in our community by volunteering. We decided to also get involved in the city’s request to attend workshops for the downtown plan and the Isabel Plan.

After attending various city council meetings regarding the downtown plan, I am so very disappointed. Had I known that the west side for the hotel was never really an option — only the east side for the hotel pushed by city council — we would never have been involved.

The hotel was not the only issue of concern for the downtown plan. Why waste our time if you already knew the outcome? I thought by going to the workshops for the downtown plan that city council was interested in Livermore citizens’ views.

My husband and I voted for the city councilmembers serving at this time, but the downtown plan is a separate issue, and our vote does not reflect their decision. At the time, the council was campaigning on the concept of the downtown plan, with no mention that the east side hotel went along with their campaign.

I saw firsthand how disturbing the downtown plan issue has affected the citizens of Livermore. I saw it at the city council meetings and an incident at Target in Livermore. An adult male provoked the individual getting signatures. The adult male said, “Who is paying you? Is Joan Seppala paying you?” The man kept up his provocation, then I stepped in to get this person to just move on. A woman behind me started her rant and was giving the finger gestures. I spoke to her regarding her behavior and how unbecoming it was. Apparently, she was confused on the whole issue and later apologized.

City council is aware of how the downtown plan has affected the citizens of Livermore, and as far as I know, no attempt has been made to ease the disturbance.

Why are we not working together to get the true facts about the downtown plan and vote accordingly?