Owen Brovont, Livermore

In my letter published in the January 7th issue of the Independent, the editor chose to call out my use of “ole” and “milquetoast.” The convenient availability of the on-line Merriam-Webster dictionary would have put to rest any doubt of the validity of my choice words. Both were stylistic choices, and since the syntax and grammar were correct there was no justification for being called out. The substitution of “milk-toast” for my choice of “milquetoast” was unappreciated and unwarranted; my choices in both cases should have been respected. One wonders if the use of “(sic)” was simply an over-used editorial reflex developed in journalism school? I think the issue has been raised and doesn’t require further dialogue, so on to far more important things.

“It is readily apparent to the most casual observer,” as the popular 50s phrase goes, that the country’s culture is disintegrating at an increasingly rapid rate! We have lived through a horrible year with the pandemic and watched the destruction of private property that was rampant in more than twenty American cities, and the “responsible” politicians did virtually nothing to quell the violence. Then we just suffered an election trauma and an intended peaceful protest demonstration in Washington DC turned violent. The country is being ripped apart by competing ideologies and there is apparently no neutral ground where the competing ideas can be discussed in an open, rational, adult manner.

After fifty years of being told to be non-judgmental, to be tolerant of differences, and to accept responsibility for the past discrimination suffered by non-white members of society, and to accept the additional responsibility for redressing the effects of that past discrimination by creating a system of awarding preferences and advantages to the non-white, mostly black descendants – a system that many have called “reverse discrimination.” All this has been achieved by leveraging the use of guilt to motivate the population to accept these ideas. To enhance the likelihood of success of this strategy, a major feature of the technique has been to diminish or completely disallow any meaningful criticism. It is a common and effective technique for influencing the behavior of people who are unaware of the subversive goals underlying this clearly deceitful methodology.

A closing thought: A corrupt government will corrupt the people, and a corrupt people will guarantee the maintenance of a corrupt government. Where are we now?