A letter in last week’s edition criticized me for making a point by using repetition, which according to the writer isn’t effective. Of course he conveniently ignores the weekly barrage of organized ads, fake news articles and support letters in The Independent by his special interest group. Those apparently don’t count because he supports their repetitious, misleading and incorrect content.

The best part of his letter was proclaiming his special interest group isn’t one. Why? Because it’s made up of community members. Since when does the makeup of a group determine their purpose? And what local special interest group isn’t made up of community members? Having a singular goal of preventing any development they think will impact access to their arts theater or the ability to build a larger one in the future is certainly a “special interest.“

This letter writer blindly participates in behaviors common to his special interest group: “do as I say, not as I do,” and “we are the real and true representatives of the community,” ̶ regardless of what elections, elected representatives, the business community, housing advocates or unbiased fact checking outsiders say.

Just look closely at the differences in the competing plans. The difference isn’t a park like this special interest group is proclaiming. In fact it is difficult to see much difference between the park areas proposed in the two plans. It is however, easy to see this special interest group’s efforts to keep development away from their arts theater.

Don’t be fooled by petition gatherers, misleading ads and yellow journalism. Say no to special interest and big money in Livermore. Don’t sign their repetitious and misleading petitions.