Rich Buckley, Livermore

Several aviation enthusiasts, including myself with both private and military pilot flight experience, have reviewed the master plans for both Oakland Airport and Livermore Airport and landed on the realization that Terminal space is a profit maker for Oakland, and that support shops space needs to go elsewhere.

Terminal space is at a high premium over support shop space. Kaiser, we believe, is making a move to Livermore Airport to make a run at developing a potential growth market in 737 engine maintenance.

Once a fixed base operation (FBO) is approved by the community, the community loses important controls over the FBO and must rely on the FAA to designate where and how the maximum engine run-up area will be located. FAA will decide location, not the city.

Livermore will be the muffler shop for the Oakland Airport. The Oakland Airport existing maximum engine run ups muffler building, way over on the North End of the Oakland Airport is about as close to residential as Livermore. But the Alamedans and Bay Farm Islanders have more political say than the Tri-Valley. We always get pushed around and violated: BART, airport, and North Livermore Valley.

Kaiser plans to push a business model to capture and truck in (not just fly in), but truck in engines for repair, turn them around quickly and develop a reputation for fast turnaround that will compete with airline unions. They will solicit also from a large and growing, untapped, non-union market, existing internationally as well.

Please do not allow Kaiser to obtain the 35-acre FBO designation at the Livermore airport.