Sharon Howe, Livermore

How is Intersect Power - the company behind the massive Aramis solar power plant proposed for North Livermore Valley - going to make a profit on the project?

It has contracted to sell 75% of the electricity generated to San Francisco electricity customers. As longstanding Livermore veterinarian and Alameda County Commissioner Larry Gosselin has stated, the Aramis Project allows San Francisco officials to claim that they are meeting their green energy goals, but only by burdening Alameda County residents.

Land that has been used for ranching and farming for centuries - and remains productive agricultural land today - will be destroyed. Open space that serves as a habitat for sensitive and threatened species will no longer exist. Shouldn’t these factors be included in calculating the real cost of the project by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors?

If San Francisco wants more clean energy, it should start by generating the power in its own backyard. Offshore wind farms are one option. We have done more than our fair share in Alameda County to generate wind energy. Let San Francisco step forward and start producing its own renewable energy.

Livermore Valley should not be destroyed to power San Francisco.