Claudia Willis, Livermore

Since Eden Housing proposed their expanded plan for housing, the Livermore community has showered the newspapers and City Council with letters regarding this change, which is not the one chosen and agreed upon by residents and City Council. These letters articulated the many reasons Eden’s plan is a questionable design for our city center.

It appears our City Council is abandoning the preferred original plan because it is easier to acquiesce to the revised Eden Housing plan than do the hard work of charting a path forward that benefits Livermore far into the future.

The biographies of our City Council located on the city’s website articulate their dedication to community service, city residents and the quality of life we all enjoy.

Mayor Bob Woerner speaks of his “two adult sons, Phil and Steve, who were both educated in the Livermore school system and had the benefit of the great quality of life offered by the city as they grew up.”

Vice Mayor Trish Munro in her biography writes “… how different interest groups in communities interact taught her to listen to the many voices that make up communities and to understand how different stakeholders can unite or divide around difficult issues.”

Councilmember Regina (Gina) Bonanno has generously served on a

number of local nonprofit boards including the Pedrozzi Foundation Board of

Directors, Quest Science Center Advisory Board. Her community volunteer service is extensive.

Councilmember Robert W. Carling (said) “he and his wife, Sue, have lived in Livermore for over 40 years. They have three sons and seven grandchildren.” I believe that they, their sons and grandchildren enjoy the quality of life in Livermore.

Councilmember Brittni Kiick and “her young family moved to Livermore, drawn to its beautiful open spaces and vibrant downtown.” Bringing together diverse communities, finding a common goal and helping chart a path forward are skills she has practiced in all her community organizing efforts.”

I ask our City Council:

Will the current Eden Housing plan sustain our quality of life and provide the open space we want?

Will you bring the different stakeholders together to agree on a plan that will continue to provide the quality of life and community that you value and has benefited your families?

Your biographies speak your leadership skills and love of Livermore. Do you have the will?