Tom Murphy, Pleasanton

The Independent endorsed Eric Swalwell based on, "Swalwell's efforts toward tighter gun laws, stronger local and regional infrastructure, and enhanced support for transit police and cybersecurity." The question is what has Swalwell actually accomplished that has benefited you in his five terms in Congress?

He has been successful in achieving many photo opportunities supporting various causes, but what has he actually accomplished other than delivery of political rhetoric? While proposing tighter gun laws, what has he actually done to reduce the alarming increase in crime in your neighborhoods and enforcement of existing laws? While proposing stronger local and regional infrastructure, what has he actually delivered in better roads, preservation of fresh water, homeless reduction, and prevention of electrical brownouts? Talk is cheap. Results should be the expectation, and Swalwell has fallen far short in delivering results. 

The Independent stated that Swalwell "serves with integrity, honesty and passion." However, he has never answered the questions about his involvement with the Chinese spy, Christine Fang.  She helped fund his campaign and convinced him to include an intern on his staff. Swalwell serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and is privy to some of the highest classified information in the country. His involvement with Fang should have required his removal from that committee, due to the potential for having been compromised by a Chinese spy. He did not demonstrate the integrity to remove himself or the honesty to answer the questions regarding his relationship. Can he be trusted to have access to the highest level of classified information?

Swalwell wants to forgive student loans. He stated he owes $80,000 in student loans despite having a base salary of at least $174,000/year for the last five terms. How is it that a person with his education, a law degree and a high salary with excellent benefits still has a debt of $80,000 in student loans? What has he done to alter his lifestyle or manage his personal affairs to allow him to satisfy the debt that he freely obligated himself to? If he cannot better manage his personal debt obligations, how can you support him to another term in office and expect him to be able to be responsible for the proper spending of your hard-earned tax dollars?

Swalwell has found a seat on the gravy train and has not produced the results that you should expect from him.