No president, governor or mayor has the legal authority to shutdown schools, churches, businesses, or parks because they think they know best. Where does that authority come from? These elected officials usurped power because we the taxpayers were asleep at the wheel.

The shutdown of everything is going to bankrupt many people, maybe the whole USA.

It is strange that most people who work for government are still collecting their wages and the generous government handout. Meanwhile, private businesses are forced to pay employee salaries with no income. The food industry is hard hit because there is no one to harvest the crops. Perishable food has to be hauled to the dump at the owner’s expense. Rent, mortgage, and utility bills still have to be paid. Oil companies are shutting down because no one is driving; auto insurance companies are giving rebates. Everyone is losing except government workers and politicians who get paid no matter what happens. This looks to me like the plan is to turn the us into a communist country.