Rob Blum, Livermore

All great cities are known for the beautiful open space parks that they have planned out with a well thought out design with the interest of the public - visually and aesthetically pleasing to the eye with a variety of plant material, trees, buildings along with free-flowing walkways, planters, and benches.

What the City Council has done is to not listen to the public and destroy this opportunity for a great destination park with creativity and beauty. Instead, the City Council is destroying the situation by taking away the open space, creating a canyon of buildings, and playing games with the parking.

The Housing in the open space park area is supposed to be for the general workforce of people along with teachers, police officers, and firefighters.

The Eden Housing affordable housing can be built across and down the street on Railroad Avenue, more housing and taller buildings can be created.

This bait and switch that the City Council has been doing has to stop. A better alternative plan is what the public wants. Stop the City Council from ruining this once in a lifetime opportunity.