The mayor and council can argue that the Central Park Plan is unrealistic or impractical. They can also argue that the large number of signatures on the petition is due to full page ads in The Independent and money and volunteer time spent on gathering signatures.

They cannot, however, deny that the citizens of Livermore are not happy with the present downtown plan. In the many outreach meetings held by the city two things were unanimous: a desire to have as much open space as possible and to provide more parking.

The people of Livermore also expressed their desire to have this small parcel in the center of town be a showcase for Livermore, a beautiful space of respite for walking, playing and relaxing, complementing the shops on First Street and the small-town character of Livermore, and attracting residents and visitors alike.

Clearly the people do not feel that the present downtown plan with nearly half the area occupied by low-income rental units does this, which is why they signed the petition to have a chance to vote on the plan.

I hope that the mayor and council will not ramrod their plan through, but be open to making changes in keeping with the will of the citizens of Livermore or accept the mandate of the people in a vote on the plan.