Jean King, Livermore

The city did a very extensive outreach in 2017 to Livermore citizens to get their input on the Livermore downtown.

One exercise was the Downtown Prioritization Worksheet, which asked the citizens to prioritize 10 downtown issues. More than 1,332 worksheets were submitted. You can find the results at

#1 Priority – Parking - “Already at capacity,” "New housing will exacerbate that."

New proposed Eden plan for the Lucky site, which is presently a parking lot, has less parking than the city’s standard. Not only does it take away the present parking, but (it also) increases the need for parking.

#2 Priority - Community Character - "Maintain the small town, small-scale, historic character,” "Buildings should be low-rise, no more than two to three stories.’

New proposed Eden plan has three- and four-story housing across L Street from the already under-construction three- and four-story housing west of L Street on the Groth site. Let’s not ‘Dublinize’ our town.

#3 Priority - Open Space - "Downtown Livermore needs a central green space,” "Open space that comes along with new development should not be privatized, it should be usable by the public.”

New proposed Eden plan has no real open space, public or private. It is a walkway between the three- and four-story housing units. This is not the kind of public open space that Livermore residents value.

And lastly:

#10 Priority - Housing - "Housing is not appropriate in the center of downtown and will exacerbate the parking shortage in downtown or worsen traffic in downtown,” "Housing should be limited to make space for downtown destinations.”

New Proposed Eden plan adds 130 housing units on the Lucky site, in addition to the already 222 housing units directly across L Street.

Is the proposed Eden plan what the citizens wanted for the priorities for the downtown Lucky site?

What we want is parking, community character and open space, not housing.