Mike Grant, Dublin

The Dublin City council wants to defund police services. This kind of action always starts with a task force put together by “we want to help” people.

Just a little history: This same type of task force was put together by Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson in 2018 to defund the Urban Shield law enforcement training program. We spent 6 months with several anti-police members on this task force. We tried to discuss the issues and come up with ways to make Urban Shield work for both sides. At the last meeting, those opposed to Urban Shield refused to except anything at all and wanted the program shut down.

Urban Shield provided the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department with about $5 million per year for training and other important tooling. But in 2019, all the haters wanted the funds for their own little nonprofit groups to spend on whatever they wanted, so the program was canceled.

So back to the Dublin City Council and its task force. This all came about because the haters in Dublin were upset about the budget that about to be approved by the council for public safety. Despite those who were calling on the council not to give the police an increase in funds, the budget was approved. But Just like the stop Urban Shield group, those opposed came back to argue that the police in Dublin needed more oversight.

Two council members are behind this entire thing. Citizens around the Tri-Valley see the scam going on in Dublin today. If this group is not stopped, it will make Dublin unsafe to live in. Tell Dublin City Hall to stop playing around with our safety.