Owen Brovont, Livermore

Welcome to the future – Livermore’s downtown Eden tenement as depicted in the Dec. 17 edition of the Livermore Independent!

Another case of bait and switch foisted on a milk toast (sic) public. A clever attempt to euphemize the project, evocative of the biblical ‘Garden of Eden,’ from which a chastened humanity spread into the world – and here we are, soon to be graced with a new Eden, right here in little ole (sic) Livermore.

At best, it is a superficial representation of what the residents made clear they would settle for, not what they wanted, but what they could wrest from the entrenched ‘leadership’ and their behind-the-scenes support at the time!

The only similarities with the proposed 2018 design, which was not popular with many residents anyway, are that the residence buildings depicted are on the old Lucky site, and that they are buildings. Dissimulation and betrayal seem to be the current modus operandi of these pathetic little local potentate wannabes – it has become common in many cities in America today; it is not what the people want, but what the bosses say you will get.

In the Eden Downtown Plan, they have the chutzpah to disappear what was to be a ‘Veteran’s Park.’ The area now will be the backyard playground for the residents of the larger, socialistically branded ‘workforce housing,’ which will doubtlessly evolve into downtown tenements. The proposed area (no longer labeled Veteran’s Park) will offer a path from Stockman’s Park to L Street, but who will feel comfortable walking through someone’s backyard?

These monolithic, three- and four-story structures will deny direct sunshine to the area shortly after noon in the summer, and practically all day during the fall, winter, and into the spring, owing to the sun’s lower elevation above the horizon.

They account for the gross changes in the increase size of the buildings by 42% and the shrinkage of what was to be park land by 32%. Is this not deceit, betrayal, or something else behind the scenes?