How about a break from the Livermore Central Park plan controversy!

To all Livermore parents of children in school, there is a major battle brewing within the California state school system. It started in 2011. Your children are being propagandized without your knowledge and consent, and you should be aware of it. It is all about what your kids (mine are all grown and have children of their own) are being taught, including that it is all right for girls to withhold information from their parents regarding obtaining an abortion without their knowledge.

But there are far worse things being taught that concerned parents should know. To begin your education, go to this news website for an introduction:; or search the internet with the keywords “California Parents Powerless Against School District's LGBTQ Content.” If you value your children's future, take the time to read this article. You must decide whether you want to have a major say in what your children are taught, or are willing to leave it up the State School Board and the State Legislature – neither of which wants your contribution. You are looking at one of the initial steps in creating a socialist tyranny. What you do about it indicates how much you care!