Predictably, Livermore City Council is rushing ahead with all the development agreements for construction of its own downtown plan, despite the fact that it all may have to be undone if the Initiative for the Central Park Plan passes! See their Agenda for 7/22/2019.

Council is hoping that the thousands of citizens who signed the Initiative will not vote for it if it is going to cost millions to undo their mischief!

(Indeed, the Council may even privately vote for the Initiative since it will enhance their legacy with a more viable boutique hotel, a far more attractive, greener downtown inviting more upscale amenities, less housing, and more convenient parking.)

If the Initiative passes, Council will try to blame the Initiative and the people who supported it for the disaster, not themselves. However, if the Council knowingly subjects the city to possible financial ruin because they do not wish to abide by the wishes of the people, it has to have political consequences.

Council made a mistake eighteen months ago when they refused to heed the will of the people evidenced in the data from the Public Outreach Process. They adopted another design foreign to the public process, but friendly to seven self-interested groups.

Instead of owning up to their mistake, they lash out at the private citizens facilitating the public to rectify the situation through an Initiative. The Council’s personal animosity toward pro-initiative speakers was the soup du jour at the 7/8/19 Council meeting.

This is an emotional power struggle, pure and simple, not any backroom money exchange, but emotions should not rule the day at the expense of the city’s financial health. Council should focus on the thousands of public residents who feel so outraged that they support an Initiative to get a better downtown plan on the ballot.