I enjoy an eat-out, always have. When a friend tells me of a dining experience, I'm apt to at least give it a try. And, that's how I became aware of Americano Grill and Italian Cuisine. From the first, I was struck by the crew's friendly, upbeat, positive way of dealing with their customers and I came to look forward to a next meal there, simply because of that. After several meals there, I called-in a take-out meal, lasagna, was given a pick-up time, was there at their predicted hour, and the bag of goodies was ready and waiting for me. So far, all's right, as it should be. Well, here's where that is taken to another level. You see, what I picked up was not what I ordered. No, as I was to discover after first bites - the meal in front of me was gnocchi, not lasagna. But, the food tasted good and I accepted that their boo-boo wasn't so important. Then, I'm now maybe five minutes into eating - my phone rings. The waitress is calling to tell me they gave me the wrong order, and that they insist upon giving me the proper one. I told that young lady that they needn't do so, that I was quite content with what I was already eating. "No, no," she quickly replied, "you don't understand. The replacement lasagna is being brought to you, right now! Look outside: the owner is hunting for your house". I went to the front door, opened it and there she was-the owner holding out a large, handled bag and, clearly embarrassed, apologizing for the mistake. Now that's what I call service, that and integrity.