Glenn White, Dublin

Richard Nixon became president in 1968, lying about a secret plan to end the war.

That resulted in 20,000 additional names on the Vietnam Memorial. His plan remains secret, but Republicans discovered that exploiting death and wrapping it in the flag, the Nixon strategy, was a sure winner in 1972.

W. Bush, Powell and Cheney betrayed the unity given them after 9/11 by invading Iraq and specifically rejecting the Powell Doctrine consisting of lessons learned from Vietnam, such as having a clear plan for victory, including overwhelming force and an exit strategy. That doctrine, per Powell and Cheney, was the difference between our only victory since 1945 in Kuwait and multiple defeats in unending, unwinnable wars.

The war mongers rejected their own doctrine that defined victory, paid for so dearly by those listed on the Vietnam Memorial, to lie about WMDs and launch two unending, unwinnable wars that led to humiliation and defeat. Therefore, those war mongers are actually war criminals.

The 2004 Bush campaign then lied about keeping us safe from terrorists when, actually, thousands died on 9/11. They prematurely claimed, “mission accomplished,” like Nixon proclaiming his secret plan. Republicans won again following the Nixon strategy.

“Patriotism, the last refuge of the scoundrel.” - Samuel Johnson

Deflecting from their own high civilian and unnecessary war casualties, the scoundrels then inverted the Nixon strategy by blaming casualties on Obama and Hillary, rather than terrorists. The Benghazi strategy, where Republicans lie and blame casualties on Democrats for political gain, as Kevin McCarthy proudly proclaimed, also gave terrorists cover. Republicans defeated Hillary after multiple bogus Benghazi hearings politicizing dead Americans.

Just before the recent ISIS attack in Kabul, Lindsey Graham said if one American dies, Biden should be impeached. One could hear the glee in Graham’s voice hoping for a chance to “Benghazi” Biden, despite knowing that Reagan allowed terrorists to kill hundreds more Marines than Biden. They got their chance.

However, Biden, like a Democrat, said the buck stops with him. Republicans had the audacity to pretend casualties don’t occur in war. 

Now, Republican governors oppose using overwhelming force (vaccines and masks) against COVID-19. Rather than a quick victory, like Kuwait, the scoundrels would rather wrap another unending unwinnable war in the flag for political gain by exploiting dead Americans, like Nixon.  

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!” – Santayana.