The Livermore Central Park Plan Initiative, signed by over 8,000 voters, has been validated by Alameda County. This means that there will be a mandatory election to determine which downtown plan is implemented. It also shows that thousands of voters want, and expect, this to be an open and fair election where either outcome can, and will, be implemented by the city.

Monday night the Livermore City Council continued aggressively approving complex contracts to implement the eastside hotel plan, without waiting for the election. It is an incredibly irresponsible gamble for our city leadership to continue to lock us in to the eastside hotel plan, placing Livermore and its citizens at risk for potential drastic losses if the Initiative succeeds. It will also be impossible to have an open and fair election on the Initiative if the city is irreversibly locked into one plan.

Why have the Mayor and City Council not addressed this critical moral issue? The Mayor and Council could make a clear statement that they will approve contracts only if they can be reversed or applied equally without penalty to either Initiative election outcome. I would take them at their word, and look forward to an open and fair election.

If they are not willing make a statement addressing this concern, why not??

Will they play fair, or gamble, risking our financial future and tainting our election?