Loretta Kaskey, Livermore

The current Eden Housing plan falls short of the city’s code requirements.

The current design is NOT meeting density (exceeds 55 units per acre) and parking (less 90 some stalls) requirements. It’s obvious the plan does not fit in the intended location.

Fear not, the city council may permit deviations from the Downtown Specific Plan (DSP) as part of its approval of a particular development without requiring an amendment to the DSP, provided that the project is consistent with the stated intent of the DSP and the City's General Plan. So, the project can be whatever three city council members say it is. They can simply change the standard.

Residents of Livermore deserve better.

Eden Housing should take a serious revisit of their current plan. They might gain much more in seeking an alternative site. All residents would then collectively gain more.

City council can enable a better outcome for all of Livermore.