Glenn Stewart, Livermore

High density housing requires underground parking spaces (really expensive) or a separate conventional parking garage (expensive).There is a viable solution where millions of dollars can be saved by building a robotic parking garage (much cheaper) for Eden Housing projects. Robotic parking - $35,000 per parking space… Conventional parking garage - $65K per parking space… Underground parking garage - $80-87K per parking space. The benefits of robotic parking garage vs conventional parking garage… 50% less land use… Lower development costs… Lower overall operation costs… Increases security… No damage or dents… No theft or vandalism… Eco-friendly, cuts pollution of driving around looking for parking space… Solar panels for energy efficiency / green building… No more walking around decks, waiting for elevator, climbing stairs… No more remembering where car is parked… Valet service ease, but you keep the keys… Redundant machines and components… No single failure will result in system being inoperable… Fault-tolerant computer servers guarantee continuous availability… Emergency power generator… 24/7 hotline. Why wouldn’t Eden Housing want to work with the City of Livermore to build the first robotic parking garage in the Tri-Valley? High density housing and robotic parking is a no brainer.