I wear my mask for my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my mom, my aunts and uncles, my brother and sister and those I hold dear in my heart.

As I occasionally venture away from my home to grocery shop, or walk, or play golf, I see eyes of those I don’t recognize covered from tip of nose to chin, usually decked out in colorful homemade masks. I wear my masks for them also.

One may be my mom’s caregiver or your mom’s, or the one who bathes her or brings her food and medicine, or the one who disinfects her room or mops her floor.

One may be the woman who jumped into my car after my auto accident and held my hand, or the police officer or fireman who rushed to the accident, or the EMTs who carefully extracted me from my car and placed me on a stretcher, or the guy who got out of his car and stopped traffic. One may be the doctor or nurse who treated me in the hospital or the worker who brought me a warm blanket to comfort me.

One may be a teacher or a coach like the ones I or my children had, or your children have now. One may make a huge difference in your child’s life. One may be the administrator who has to make difficult decisions about children and their education, or the construction worker who builds schools, or the electrician who wires them, or the custodian who cleans them.

One may be the farmer who grows our food, or the worker who harvests it or packages it or drives it to the store or puts it on shelves for us.

One may be in your book group, encouraging you to read and expand your awareness. One may be the author of a book you enjoyed, or the editor, or the printer, or the newspaper delivery person.

One may be your friend who makes you laugh, or encourages you, or challenges you; who talks you off a cliff when things get rough. One may be your BFF.

For sure, one is a daughter or son, husband or wife, mom or dad, aunt or uncle, brother or sister, or someone else you hold dear in your heart. I wear my mask for them too.

For whom do you wear your mask?