Last week I pointed out that countries in Southeast Asia had very few cases of COVID-19. Vietnam, with a population of 97 million, has had no deaths from COVID-19. These countries’ successes were due to containing the virus. Although still vigilant, countries like Vietnam are now completely open, no lockdown, no social distancing, etc. but life as normal.

Here is how we could contain the virus in Livermore following what was done in Southeast Asia and Wuhan, China, and stomp it out in three weeks.

First, physically quarantine everyone who has tested positive. Those who test positive with no symptoms go to a designated hotel along I-580. Those with few symptoms go to a gymnasium retrofitted with beds with a doctor and a few nurses. Those with more severe symptoms go to a hospital. Everybody stays quarantined until they test negative on two successive tests. These people are asked about contacts they had, and those people are then tested.

Second, roads going into and out of Livermore should be manned at the city border exits off I-580, 84, Stanley, Vineyard, Los Positas, Tesla, Patterson Pass, Altamont Pass, Vasco and any other. Cars coming into Livermore should be stopped. Occupants would have their temperature checked They would be asked where they are coming from and to show any recent COVID test results. Cars leaving would also have their occupants’ temperatures checked.

After 20 days, all quarantined people would now be virus free and even infected folks who were not tested before would either be virus free or would by now be quarantined. The virus would be contained, and since no one coming into the city would be infected, the city would be virus free and we could go back to life as normal: restaurants open, bars, factories, etc. Of course, the city would still need to be vigilant to be sure there are no new positive tests and the city’s boundaries will have to be manned until this is over.

Impossible you say! Because in America we are free to travel. But what price for the people whose lives would be saved and the chance to go back to a normal life after only 20 days at least within the boundaries of the city? Maybe Livermore could be the model for the country.