Sarosh Habib, Dublin

A second high school in Dublin is at least 10 years behind schedule.

The flawed, one-high-school approach would have created a Dublin High with 5,000 students, which would have been inconvenient and unsafe. Gabi Blackman was elected last year to the school board, and now, Emerald High School is finally on track to open in less than two years.

This success is not hers alone, but is the result of a grassroots effort by the community, which included the election of Gabi. The community was forced to become engaged when other long-serving trustees couldn’t or wouldn’t act on the desires and needs of the families.

There is still much to be done. The job of a school board trustee involves making wise decisions that weave together the interests of students, teachers, and the community. This means focusing on the needs of students across the district, strong governance that is free from the influences of special interests, fiscal discipline that taxpayers demand, and a safe re-opening of our schools.

It also involves completing phase one and phase two of Emerald High School, completing the modernizations of Frederiksen and other older schools, and addressing the specific needs of middle schools, including Cottonwood Creek and Wells. 

We need leadership that responds to the needs of the community, and can translate those needs into reality. We can’t afford to return to the poor governance and lack of accountability that led to overcrowding and poor maintenance of older schools. Re-electing Gabi Blackman is more critical than ever.

Please join me in voting for Gabi Blackman for Area 4 Governing Board Trustee on Nov. 3.