Patty Robins, Livermore

Are Mayor Woerner, his staff and the city council aware how they might seem to some Livermore population as they pass over seniors and folks with physical challenges and personal situations that might affect their ease in mobility or transporting others traveling with them?

Are they aware? Do they care?

That confusing feeling was evident during the downtown meetings, discussions, and letters, and for what purpose? City council can’t respond except through ‘clarification’ questions through city staff, take their ‘clarification’ answers repeated to council and audience. It’s a polite show, but we will not know how they feel until they decide how it will be. That is their response and answer, just like the downtown meetings.

Parking was high on the community important list. It still is not important if they do not care about all citizens and visitors who will want to use the garage. At this point in open city council discussions, the garage they spoke of is not for all citizens and visitors. Before they do build a multi-million-dollar parking garage not for all citizens and visitors, due to specific sizes of parking areas that won’t work for certain size trucks or too-large cars, then signage and explanation should be visible and clear and understood, so the public will not get stuck and confused and have difficulty within the garage.

The garage they are discussing building is not open to all cars and truck sizes, nor would it seem to all citizens and visitors, due to specific sizes and situations.