My garden service had to cancel its contract with me because it was directed to stop or suffer a $10,000 fine.

Who came up with this idea and who directed our police to enforce the so-called rule? Is it someone in Alameda County, the city of Livermore, or some parks and recreation caretaker? Because if it is one of those government groups, then please find out why garden crews remain employed and working on county and city parks, as well as homeowner lands and commercial property such as the wineries. Those crews seem to be fully employed, yet my service, which spends less than an hour on my property, is forbidden to work my land.

My long-term garden service consists of a number of hard working and creative persons who maintain my yard and garden for me as if I was doing it myself, which I am no longer able to do. These decent people show up at the right time every week and get job done expertly. They are, in a way, my employees, yet I never got a notice from some authority on this matter.

I want this ‘rule’ explained and preferably removed. County, city or private operations, stop scaring off my crew