Joseph Grcar, Castro Valley 

Why does county supervisor District 1 include Dublin and Livermore but skip past Pleasanton to reach Fremont? It is because District 3 splits the Hispanic community in Oakland with District 4, so consequently District 4 needs Pleasanton to fill up its population count. And it gets worse. Districts 1 and 2 split Fremont, which prevents the large Asian community there from electing one of their own. When gerrymandering lessens the voting impact of an ethnic community, it is called “cracking.” Former Assemblyman Rob Bonta wrote new laws in 2019 to make cracking illegal for county supervisor districts. But those laws only work if the communities speak up against cracking. And it gets even worse. The new laws allowed independent commissions to draw new districts from the 2020 census, but Alameda supervisors decided to do it themselves. Call all the supervisors and tell them you are tired of being gerrymandered.