Okay! That’s it! We’ve had enough!

My lovely husband and infants were sitting on the patio of our favorite downtown restaurant having the best time with the food and evening sun. The quiet conversations between couples and friends made the ideal setting until we witnessed a white monstrosity coming our way with loud piping and large wheels tall enough to set the driver’s identity away from eye-to-eye contact, therefore avoiding the thunderous sound coming from his truck after he decided to smash the peddle to the floor and give us even louder thunder, shaking the windows and eradicating the quiet atmosphere for those taking in a quiet Thursday evening. My 2-year-old woke out of her evening nap with a cry, and my 4-year-old went into a scare that sent him, and his chicken tenders, flying behind his daddy for safety.

My husband is a cowboy, but he realizes it’s the 21st century. He’s aware the City of Livermore is growing and the days of riding your horse in the middle of the First Street Alehouse is not apropros, and piping your vehicle in the middle of civilization is narcissistic.

It’s time for the City, authorities, and wives to bring this intrusive pastime to a halt! It’s gone on far too long. Thank you, and thanks for the real men that decided to read this letter and change their extremely abusive ways. Get rid of the pipes, it’s so immature.