No gerrymandering following the 2020 census. Over 90% of the house and state districts can be competitive plus or minus 3% Republican or Democrat voters but less than 10% currently are. Rigged elections for safe seats are the root cause of inadequate governments.

All campaign solely financed by a “cannot vote for = cannot contribute to” voter with $50 maximum. Mandatory multiple televised and online primary and general election candidate debates paid for the public. Free speech for the special interests but no campaign contribution bribes for tax loopholes and other preferential treatment at our expense.

It takes time to do a good job and we are not getting it now in the electronic age. Furnished family housing and two autos in all capitols for all elected officials. The capitol work year for all those elected should be 217 full eight hour days, and 190 full eight hours days in elections years.

Why better governments? Innocent American gun deaths. The citizens of 22 other democracies live longer, while we pay twice as much for our healthcare than they do. Millions of children poorly educated. Massive governmental waste and debt. Dictatorships in this nuclear world. Too many accidents. Unnecessary exporting of jobs. Inadequate transportation and infrastructure. More medical research. Fewer fires. Too much crime. Hunger in this land of plenty. Improved governments of the people, by the people and for the people.