I am a co-manager of the grassroots campaign and for the sake honesty and transparency we wanted to share a quick update on our financials with everyone.

To start, I want to clarify the “Yes on P” campaigns. There is a grassroots campaign powered by volunteers and donations from all over Livermore and a “Yes on P” campaign sponsored by Presidio Development Partners.

At the time of our filing, we had raised $25,738.03, with an average donation of $292 per donation. Our most common donation amount was $100. We spent that money on campaign materials (posters, door hangers, fliers) and our paid campaign manager, who is responsible for keeping the campaign moving while all of the volunteers do their day jobs.

As many have pointed out, the current “Yes on P” lawn signs were financed by the campaign sponsored by Presidio, which saw the success our grassroots campaign was having and wanted to help. That campaign decided to support our grassroots movement by printing lawn signs on its own. Without a volunteer base to distribute them, it then turned to our campaign to get them out.

You can find out more information about the grassroots campaign at our campaign site, www.bankheadhotelnow.com