Angelina Hernandez, Livermore

I met Yanira Guzmán three years ago at a Latinistas Bay Area event that I hosted. Founded in 2016, Latinistas Bay Area is a professional Latina women's group. Upon meeting Yanira, she and I immediately hit it off. I quickly saw her leadership and authentic self, so much so that I asked that she co-lead the group with me. We have grown the group to over 400 women, with a core Livermore presence, and offered multiple professional and personal development workshops.

Yanira is an educator. She willingly listens to others, freely shares her knowledge with the women in the group and has helped many. For instance, she's advised women on how to advocate for themselves and their children whether in the workplace, schooling, or health agencies. In addition, she is great at networking, even during shelter-in-place. During this time, she's built partnerships with educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and industry leaders.

I see her ability to develop strategic partnerships as an asset to the larger Livermore community. She believes "through unity there is strength," and this is what I want for Livermore schools and the larger community. Vote for Yanira for Livermore Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees.