Michelle Boss, Livermore

In the upcoming election, there are two openings on the Livermore Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees. There are five candidates running.

I strongly encourage your consideration of Yanira Guzman, a Livermore resident for 14 years who has a 13-year-old and an 8-year-old attending Junction Avenue K-8 School.

A member of the Hispanic community, Yanira has the qualifications and determination to be a voice for many families in our school community. Being bilingual, she can also be the voice for the Hispanic community that has historically been underrepresented on the school board.

I've gotten to know Yanira and her family over the past few years as a parent at Junction Avenue. They have become friends. Yanira's heart is in the right place. Having both a background as a teacher and in industry, I believe that given the opportunity to serve on the board, she will use her integrity, experience, and passion to bring about real improvement in communication, inclusion and access to resources.