Patrick Weidhaas, Dublin

A few weeks ago, I shook my head at all the hateful, accusatory letters about our Representative Eric Swalwell.

I was very upset and planned to submit a response. As soon as I composed my letter, serious doubts arose – my comments would have been rejected by the editors. They were neither diplomatic, nor politically correct! I shelved my letter.

Then, last week, I saw that Ms. Iglesias of Livermore had written a letter about Rep. Swalwell. To my delight, her letter expressed everything – and more – that I had wanted to say. She did it with a subtle amount of humor and she definitely managed to remain polite and politically correct. I thank her for expressing my thoughts in a much superior letter than mine would have been.

Let me add one thought.

The critics of Rep. Swalwell make a big deal out of the fact that a woman who helped his campaign eventually was discovered to be a Chinese spy. He did not know this. In fact, the FBI has found no wrongdoing on his part. As soon as he found out, he severed his connection with her. Sounds to me like he did all the right things!

I wonder if Swalwell's critics would hold any other employer responsible for finding out that one of their employees had committed a crime? Come on!