Why does the City Council not give a “good” reason for the hotel to be on the east side?

They only thing they have said in council meetings I have attended is either the council thinks the east side is better, or it was placed there in the original plans for that lot. Why don’t they explain how they came to the conclusion the east side is better?

Please tell me when the city voters voted on the City Plan. I see that in ranting posts that the city has already voted on it. They are saying “the city has voted” not “council has voted.”

The last election doesn’t count as there were more reasons for how people voted than just who we wanted on city council.

Why don’t adults understand we would have a much more successful interaction with the two sides if people would stick to the facts, or what they think are the facts, and leave out all the rudeness toward people and all the flourishing drama?

Why don’t people take a little time to do some fact finding?