Melissia Hernandez brings a fresh, committed and proven presence to local politics. She has worked hard to lift students, minorities and the disadvantaged. I believe her most compelling attributes are her honesty and dedication to serve all people regardless of status or background. Clearly a person for all peoples.

Melissa works to improve all our lives, not just a chosen few. Whatever your culture, race, or economic status, Mellissa will work to better your lives.

On the other hand, David Haubert, who I worked alongside for many years on the Dublin Unified School District board, has proven to be a self-serving, sleazy politician. I have seen him avoid controversial votes so they don’t impact his future elections. He made questionable campaign finance reporting. He took money from convicted developers. There used to be a file in Dublin on him showing all his expensive requests for school district work - without board approval. Perhaps his biggest flaw is how he has led people to believe he is for minorities while he is a closet ultra conservative supporting hardline candidates, like being on Richard Pombo’s endorsement page. Haubert thinks he can buy another election. Don’t let him.

Vote for Melissa Hernandez, Haubert should not be a consideration!