It is disingenuous for “No on P” spokesperson Tammy Reus to go on television and make statements printed in the papers that their organization does not support the destruction of the opposition signs, while at the same time including the names of those who encourage such destruction on their list of supporters.

Letters written by Loretta Kaskey and Doug Mann have disparaged the “Yes on P” signs. Jeff Kaskey has placed signs (with his name on it) next to “Yes on P” signs disparaging them as well. And yet their names are listed as supporters? Shouldn't they be removed if the campaign does not support that behavior?

Also, when I was doing research regarding the contribution reporting requirements, I came across the following disclosure requirement for signs: "The font must be a height of at least five percent of the advertisement, meaning that each line must be at least five percent of the advertisement.” A quick measurement shows that the “No on P” signs are not in compliance with California’s Fair Political Practices Commission regulations.

Shame on them.