Greg Scott, Livermore

The Homeless Games continue, mostly the inefficiency and lack of results from the “homeless industrial complex.”

From the article headlined "New Hotel Shields Vulnerable Homeless from Coronavirus," in The Independent of Sept. 3: "The Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved spending up to $5 million to lease the hotel on a month-to-month basis through the end of the year at a daily rate of $200 for occupied rooms and $120 for vacant ones. The agreement also includes three meals per day for an additional $40 per person.

“This does not include an additional $1 million in expenses anticipated for wraparound services, including security, property management and transportation. Under a separate contract, Fremont-based nonprofit Abode Services will provide those services."

Only $6 million? Way to go taxpayers!

Presumably the homeless candidates are to be tested for COVID-19 before their stay at the hotel. Are homeless guests to be tested frequently? Will all those who test positive be shipped off to Oakland?

Up to $6 million, and when that’s gone, what? No “commons” or place for the homeless to be. No plan for economic inclusion or social protection. Back to the streets, or encampments, or wherever without proper sanitation and social distancing. Great plan! Where do we think COVID-19 is going? On holiday?

According to the article, "The first residents started moving in Aug. 24. By the end of the week, nearly 30 rooms were occupied."

So, by the end of the week nearly $6,000 was being shelled out daily, without meals, and nearly $7,200 daily if everyone received meals. How many readers would like to be netting $240 a day or $30 an hour in this economy? Presumably, the county was also spending nearly $10,000 a day for the 82 vacant rooms. “Homeless ghosts” can stay in the vacant rooms. That is way cool!

"In the meantime, [Kerry Abbott, Alameda County Director of Homeless Care and Coordination] said the county government, cities and nonprofits that work with the homeless will coordinate efforts to try to locate permanent housing for as many residents of the temporary shelter program as possible."

How many homeless have been placed, for how much money, in the last three years?

Great deal for the hotel. Thank you, taxpayers. However, we are being suckers!