Richard Hughes, Livermore

Here is yet another thought for city officials to ponder.

If you somehow have obtained ‘access’ to federal or state funds (i.e., taxpayer money) to do some ‘amazingly awesome’ infrastructure projects, why don't you guys think about implementing the following projects?

There are approximately 20,000 people now living in North Livermore, because it has grown hugely with all the PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) that the City of Livermore has approved over the last 30 years, yes? Around 1999, you guys expanded the ‘Airway Boulevard 580 Fwy. Overpass,’ to twice its width, which was an awesome project that was highly commended by the Livermore community at large, yes?

So, how about this idea? Can you city officials please think about expanding the ‘First Street 580 Fwy. Overpass’ and the ‘Vasco Road 580 Fwy. Overpass’ to twice their width, just like you guys did to the ‘Airway Boulevard 580 Fwy. Overpass" way back in 1999?

Has anybody noticed how very, very busy and overcrowded and dangerous, the ‘First Street 580 Fwy. Overpass’ and the ‘Vasco Road 580 Fwy. Overpass’ have become recently at 8 a.m. and at 5 p.m.?

LPD or CHP have to go there rather often lately, because of an ‘incident’ that is ‘unfolding’ out there!

Hello? Is anybody home?

City of Livermore officials, if you guys have ‘access’ to some money and want to do something good, that will get you mucho mucho accolades, including a ‘pat on the back,’ and mucho mucho smiles and positive feedback from the community, even enabling you guys to get re-elected, without a doubt, no problemo!

So, then how about this choice? Council Member Patricia Munro, can you please make a note of this invaluable suggestion, and try to implement it ASAP? Please? Much better than screwing up East Avenue with a ‘road diet’ and angering approximately 25,000 people (i.e., one quarter of the population of Livermore) what do you think?