Measure M is too much, too soon, too vague.

In 2016, Pleasanton voters approved Measure I1, which gave the Pleasanton Unified School District $270 million. Most of it is unbonded or unspent. We, the taxpayers, will pay back an estimated $600 million over 30 years to cover that debt. Now the school district is asking you to pass Measure M and give them another $323 million, with a pay back of another $600 million-plus. This community will be saddled with $1.2 billion in bond repayments.

There is nothing other than fences to show the public, and much of Measure I1 and Measure M are to cover the years of neglect and mismanagement of maintenance funds. In the 14-page Measure M resolution, there are no specific guarantees for taxpayers, and it certainly does not include a high school. was created to provide an alternative perspective to the Measure M debate. Countless hours of mind-numbing research went into creating this website. Hopefully, you find this information useful so that you can make an informed “No” vote on March 3.