The impeachment process of President Trump in the Senate was a sham trial and an orchestrated coverup up of his wrongdoing. The coverup was led by Trump himself, and embraced by Republicans in the House, and then, most conspicuously, in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not even try to hide that he would work in concert with the White House and its lawyers. So much for taking an oath to be impartial in the Senate “trial” proceedings. The Senate makes the rules for the trial and McConnell did his job in assuring that any efforts by the House managers to call witnesses would come to nothing. His Republican caucus meekly fell in line.

Nevertheless, the House managers did a masterful job in clearly proving the case against Trump with a cogent argument based on the courageous testimony in the House from dedicated government professionals. Trump did abuse his power in soliciting a foreign government to obtain dirt on a rival candidate in order to gain an advantage in his 2020 reelection campaign and then, when caught, he did obstruct Congress whose oversight duty it was to investigate.

The defense argued process and, most alarmingly, that none of Trump’s actions are impeachable if they are part of a reelection campaign he considers in the best interest of the country. This is a shocking interpretation not supported by the vast majority of constitutional scholars with alarming consequences for the future of our democracy.

Yet, here we are. He will most likely be acquitted by publication time.

If you agree that what happened is a travesty, don’t despair, get to work, get even! Instead of going out to protest, this time, to start, we are going to work to help oust the Republican senators up for reelection. Join us!