Beth Trutner, Livermore

I am writing as a Livermore resident and business owner in support of moving forward with the previously approved plan for 130 affordable residential units in downtown Livermore, and an additional .7 acres of park. (A matrix for who qualifies for the housing is easily found online.) The members of the City Council, City Staff, and Planning Commission have spent considerable time, with open minds, studying what is financially and legally feasible, taking into consideration the potential loss of over $14m in funding for which the City has already qualified. I have been provided no reason to question the judgment or intentions of our dedicated and competent decision makers. They were hired, appointed or elected to deal precisely with these issues. I love the outdoors and open space and for this reason supported the urban growth boundary some years ago, knowing that infill was the trade-off. The dream of a three-to-four-acre park downtown which does not produce income but requires ongoing expensive maintenance and surveillance would be challenging, to say the least. Increasing the number of floors in two housing buildings from three to four allowed for additional park space near the housing and cultural center, while matching the height of the approved L Street garage. Why jeopardize a well thought out and financially viable plan by spending resources on possibilities with a long horizon and a myriad of unknowns?