Those of us who support the recent initiative proposed by the Central Park group want quite a different downtown plan. We are willing to work toward that goal, and we are motivated to create a magnetic, inspiring space that present and future generations will appreciate. We believe that the current plan lacks this vision.

Parking would be adequate for the entire entertainment center near Livermore Avenue if Central Park's plan were implemented. A large central park running from the Bankhead Park Plaza to L Street would draw families who are looking for places to play and to relax.

Some of the concerns for a new plan relate to timing and financing. However, a large wine country hotel, proposed by the Central Park group (Railroad and L Streets), can move forward as fast as the one currently planned by the City (N. Livermore Avenue next to the Bankhead). The larger high-quality hotel on the west side of Livermore Avenue could provide more TOT (transient occupancy tax), sales tax, and property tax, as well as a larger land purchase price than the City's hotel.

We very much want a better plan for the heart of our downtown. We believe that it is time for Livermore voters to have a choice.