Doug Mann, Livermore

We can all agree on one thing about the failing downtown Livermore Eden Housing project; the process has been fatiguing. We don’t all agree on what should be done, though I believe the majority of Livermore is solidly against the current effort by Council. There is also a sizable contingent that likes it. What to do?

The solution: run for office. Let our next election in November 2022 be a clear choice between candidates with opposing views on the subject. Districts 1 and 2 plus the Mayor will be on the ballot. Stop complaining, and start serving, but be aware of the challenges you will face.

Being a Councilmember or Mayor looks a lot different from the outside than from inside. Being an actual elected official might be described as a mundane sacrifice, hardly glamorous, overwhelming and guaranteed to result in losing friends. Public service is something you do because somebody must do it. For every satisfying high impact decision, there are countless tediously boring procedures to endure.

Serving is hard work, but you will have the satisfaction of being a crucial thread that holds our city together.