I have spent the last month learning about the March 3 vote for Measure P. It has become clear that a “Yes” vote on Measure P is the right, and only true choice for downtown Livermore. A “No” on Measure P would mean no progress for downtown Livermore for years to come. The “No on P” effort is only a drawing, not a plan. There is no alternative plan to our City Plan. With a “Yes” vote, we will be voting for a downtown wine country hotel next to the Bankhead, which will then springboard the rest of the plan. A “No” vote is a vote for gravel parking downtown for the next decade, stifling the economic, cultural, and social growth of downtown Livermore. Vote “Yes” on Measure P.

“Yes” on Measure P will bring us a downtown wine country hotel adjacent to the Bankhead, with more parking than Livermore has ever had. It is a shame that the “No on P” folks have been running confusing and inaccurate ads that obfuscate the issue. They even paid out-of-town people to stand in front of our grocery stores and use scare tactics (such as saying, “without signing, you won’t get a hotel and green space downtown”) to get votes.

The reality is that “Yes” on P is a real plan that is based on input from our community with unbiased feedback from expert consultants, which the Livermore City Council and city planners took into account. Many years of effort has gone into coming up with the current plan, which needs your “Yes” vote on P to move forward. Please trust our Livermore community and city council and vote “Yes” on P on March 3 to support a boutique hotel adjacent to the Bankhead, which will then follow with development of all the remaining aspects of this well thought out plan.