Contrary to Mayor Marchand's recent public statements regarding the Central Park Initiative, the main idea motivating the initiative is actually a park in the center of our downtown hub, hence the name: Central Park Initiative. It's not Central Theater Initiative, or Central Dirt Lot Initiative, as the mayor and his Unify Livermore sycophants are trying to make people believe are the ultimate and ulterior goals of the citizens like me who favor a park in downtown Livermore instead of more housing and more congestion.

Why do Central Park opponents like the mayor keep re-invoking fears of a regional theater that was once proposed for the old Lucky site downtown, as though the idea is some zombie that is only waiting for passage of the Initiative to reappear in Livermore, with the opponents' favorite bête noire, Joan Seppala, leading the way? Is it that they know the majority of Livermore residents would really prefer a central park, so they must conjure up unfounded fears that there is some secret nefarious plot underlying the innocuous notion of a park? In this view, "park" doesn't mean park (with grass and trees), it means "Joan's theater" or "dirt lot."

The ongoing effort to demonize Joan Seppala and all the citizen supporters of the Central Park Initiative, is ugly and unseemly, especially in an elected public servant. Mayor Marchand, you should be ashamed of yourself. I'm ashamed for you.