Melanie Reed, Livermore

I was very disappointed to see that the Livermore Planning Commission still wants to build the Eden Housing project in the middle of downtown Livermore despite strong opposition from our community.

To be clear, I do not oppose affordable housing in Livermore, and I recognize that there is a need to provide homes for low-income individuals in our community. My opposition is to the proposed location of the Eden Housing project. The housing will dramatically alter the charm and character of our downtown, which is why so many Livermore residents oppose the plan. We need our downtown to have welcoming, tree lined, open space where citizens and visitors can gather. We also need ample parking for businesses and the new housing that is being built. The current plan falls dramatically short here. I encourage our city leaders to uphold the will of their constituents and locate the Eden Housing project on the other side of Railroad Avenue. Give Livermore residents the park and open space that we want downtown. It’s not too late to get this right!