Bryan Gillette, Pleasanton

Many of you know Jerry Pentin because of what he has done as a member of the Pleasanton City Council for the last eight years, or how he has led projects such as the Firehouse Arts Center, Veterans Memorial Building, or Callippe Golf course, or how he has volunteered his time and money as a Rotarian.

I know him as a friend and for many years as his neighbor. He is one of the few people I can call at any hour with any need. And I have.

One Thanksgiving when my son suddenly became ill, we realized we would be unable to join my parents, aunt, uncle, and cousins for our annual turkey dinner. My wife expressed how she had really been looking forward to a home-cooked, Thanksgiving meal. All the stores and our favorite restaurants were closed, and our options were sparse. 

Knowing Jerry had been preparing in the kitchen all day, I called him up just as he was sitting down to eat with his extended family. He wasn’t planning to serve any extra people, but I asked if he could save one plate of turkey for my wife. Without hesitation he said, "Of course," and soon I was feeding my whole family a Thanksgiving dinner.

 I knew I could rely on Jerry that evening and I know I can rely on him to do what is best for our community. I strongly support Jerry Pentin for mayor of Pleasanton, as he so often puts others ahead of himself.