Our nation is being ripped apart. How can there be peace when there is no justice? A nation with over 100,000 dead, and no end in sight, from a pandemic that disproportionately strikes people of color and the poor. A nation with 40 million unemployed in the Second Great Depression, even as the stock market hums along. A nation where police are called on a black man for bird watching. A nation where a black man is murdered in his own home by an off-duty officer who enters the wrong apartment. A nation where a black teen is stalked and murdered for walking in a hoodie. A nation where a black man is stalked and murdered for jogging. A nation where black men are repeatedly murdered by the police. A nation beset by riots, looting, and arson. A nation where police target the press. A nation whose president cowers from protestors in his nuclear-hardened bunker while fueling the flames of hatred, threatening to unleash vicious dogs and heavily armed military on the streets. A nation where peaceful protesters are tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets so that said president can walk to a house of worship, not to pray for the nation’s healing, but to defile the Holy Bible as a prop for a crass photo op. Is America great again or what? Jesus is indeed weeping.