Lou Astbury, Pleasanton

Pleasanton needs Karla Brown as mayor. Karla has been an effective councilwoman for eight years. She will focus her energy on reinvigorating our COVID-19 affected downtown. She is an advocate for public safety, and she will address our city’s long-term debt. 

Karla Brown has been actively involved for many years in making Pleasanton a better place to live. She will provide a better balance between the interests of residents and the interests of developers. Karla is the only mayoral candidate who pledges to reject all campaign donations from builders or developers. For many years, developer-supported councilmembers have often endorsed ill-advised projects. As a result, the citizens have had to initiate referendums to protect Pleasanton and the quality of life that we have come to expect.

Before successfully serving on the city council, Karla was a co-author of the successful hillside protection initiative (Measure PP) that was passed by a significant majority of voters. Pleasanton was one of the last cities in the East Bay to develop such protection for the remaining undeveloped ridge tops. Her efforts also helped stop PG&E from placing high-power lines directly under residential neighborhoods using untested technology. Karla Brown deserves your vote.