Gregory O’Connor, Pleasanton

I have been a member of the Pleasanton Planning Commission for over 14 years and have known Karla Brown for more than 12 of those. I met Karla when we were fighting to save our hills and ridgelines and placing Measure PP on the ballot.

For Karla, being on the City Council is hardly a part-time job. She has represented Pleasanton on 12 local boards and committees during her tenure. Additionally, she is a local business manager, has volunteered for our public schools and Tri-Valley Conservancy, and coached soccer. Her energy seems endless.

As a councilwoman for the past eight years, Karla has been the voice of the people of Pleasanton, often in the minority, voting to preserve our downtown from multi-story homes, advocating for slower/smart growth to ease the burden on our schools and traffic, and fighting to preserve the hillsides and scenic ridgelines we have left.

Karla has proven her leadership, integrity and independence while on the council. She knows how to listen to all sides of an issue, ask the difficult questions, and find a solution that is best for our community. As our mayor, she will continue to represent the interests of Pleasanton residents over outside/special interests.

Vote Karla Brown for mayor.