Ramya Ramakrishnan, Dublin

Gabi Blackman needs no introduction, especially to voters in Dublin Unified School District area 4. She currently serves as one of the five trustees for DUSD, having been elected in a special election last year. She is up for re-election this November and her grassroots victory needs to be highlighted again for the following reasons. 

People needed positive change after several blunders were committed by many of the past trustees. Voters wanted their voices to matter and to be heard. But most importantly, people wanted someone they knew well and could trust, a trustee who would always put the students first, above anything or anyone else.

This point deserves to be mentioned one more time because that's exactly what school board elections are about - our precious kids. We want someone who will not hesitate to fight for our kids' right to a better education and better schools, someone who ignores the noise and negativity and channels her energy to work harder.

Gabi Blackman is a mom herself and with three kids attending two different schools, she totally gets it. Like I have always believed, nothing motivates parents to work harder than providing for their children and to make their social and educational experiences significantly better. The quality of our children's education matters and it is a big deal. Every child is unique and deserves the best possible educational experience and we need to elect leaders who will work towards this goal. Vote for Gabi Blackman and allow her to finish what she started, which includes progress on a second high school now scheduled to open in 2 years.